IVF (in vitro fertilization)


IVF can be used to treat all types of involuntary infertility, be it female, male or inexplicable infertility. IVF implies that fertilization of a woman’s eggs is done outside of the body.

An IVF-treatment is normally preceded by hormone stimulation of the woman. At our clinics we mainly perform the so called short treatment which is much less exhausting and equally efficient for the woman as the longer treatment which was often used before.

During IVF eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and the man leaves a sperm sample from which the best sperms are selected. If the man has a good number of agile sperms standard IVF is performed where the sperms fertilize the eggs by their own means. When the sperms are not in desirable condition, microinjections, also called ICSI, are performed. A fertilized egg (an embryo) is then transferred into the woman’s body.

IVF Sweden performs approximately 6 000 treatments per year.